Companies I am choosing not to do business with and why or as I like to call it; The Save your self a lot of stress site...




They serviced my home loan.

They serviced it day and night, calling multiple times a day, lying about not receiving papers, and they do business in an extremely poor way.

In the end I won against them in court with some 1 million other people, no really got the check in the mail $279.00, I am glad they will never hurt anyone else the way they hurt us...They can never hurt another person again, and I am grateful for that.  If you are part of a big company and you think that one person does not matter, take heart I count and so does everyone else.  If you cheat me, you will never forget what you have done, and I will never let you.  I sued you countrywide, are you feeling all powerful now with you wicked works and defiant attitude. Glad it is over and in the end, it is not about the money, I sued Wells Fargo for 2 cents; it's about how you should not treat people.

The company's reason (What they said)

Told me what kind of dead beats we were, because we were late on a payment, did not matter that the main bread winner was in the hospital having just had a heart attack.  They called us many times a day, some times as many as 8 or 12, and all hours of the day and night, calling us every horrible name in the book.  Rest in peace Countrywide the people who you treated so badly will sleep so much better tonight knowing you can never hurt them again.


Dish network



Unfair business practices.  They will tell you one thing on the phone, and the contract says something completely different.   They will then proceed to tell you whatever the person on the phone said doesnít apply.  It's all in there in black and white they will tell you, and you agreed to it. 

Another reason is that if you cancel with in the first 15 days you get your money back, it will not happen, your times starts from the time you spoke to them about getting service, getting the equipment takes almost that long and then retuning counts too.  So if you get the equipment in ten days, and you hook it up that day, unhook it and send it back, you might make it, but don't count on it.  

Their reply:

Oh we are so sorry; sure we will fix it, first time.  Oh no we have never had that happen before, followed by you are the first person to ever complain and you know we were rated the first in customer satisfaction. The old man I was taking care of was very glad that I helped him get out of their clutches.

 In the end it took over six months to get it all if you are looking for satellite get DIRECTV, you will still have issues, but you can win and they have better prices in the long run.  The down side to DIRECTV is that once your first contract expires they normal don't want to do anything for you.  However I have found a call to their disconnect line and a chat with a rep from there will get you almost anything you want.


Liberty Mutual


Unfair business practices.  They did not disclose to me until already having pull my credit score that they could not give me insurance due to an adult member of my house not driving. On top of that they had a program running together with Uppromise that clearly stated that if you called them and asked for a quote id you would get $5.00 in you Uppromise account, they told me the quote had not been finished so no id for me..."What" I explained that the paper only said I had to call and did not disclose anywhere that everyone in my house had to have a license.   So there you have it.

Their reply:

First they told me oh well you did not finish the quote so that is that and have a nice day.  Then I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was put on hold.  The woman came back on and told me that the supervisor said there was nothing they could do.  I also said I want to talk to the supervisor myself and got, ok hold on , followed up with he is unavailable can they call  you back, no I will wait I said.  I get that man on the line and he try's the same junk I read him off what the letter says and explain I am not backing down on this.  He says I have to try to fix this it is going to take longer than 5 minutes can I call you back in 15 minutes.  I have never heard back from them. 

Burger King


1. For blatant censorship. Un-believable as it might seem they had show pulled off the air do to religious content on a TV station in Texas.  Never refunded the show owners for the loss as far as we know, broke the contract.

 2. They are part of the reason the rain forest is burring today as that is where their meat comes from.

 3. Sick commercials totally inappropriate for almost anyone to watch.

 4. Idolaters 

Their reasons:

1. No apology they did not like the show....not that they were paying for it.

 2. Meat is to expensive to buy in America

3.You don't have to watch them, nice for a company that is anti g-d.

4. No comment!

Pepsi cola


 1. Proud sponsors of the Michael Jackson Victory tour!

 2. During the blind taste, they would often switch products.

Wells Fargo


1. Donít ever let yourself get sucked in by their cheap party tricks, these people on three separate occasions came to the table with different papers and rates than quoted.  Once they made us wait for four hours at closing for them to deliver the paper work and then it was wrong any way.

2. You will play heck trying to get away from them even after refinancing as they own a bunch of different holding companies with different names and after closing you find out you have Wells Fargo again.

3. They do lousy paper work...closed one mortgage, opened another they forgot to register it with our local county and now I am stuck in the middle of  endless paper work where no one is sure who owns my house, it has been in foreclosure for four years I kid you not and just the other day I got a call asking if I would like to work out a new payment plan.  Four years ago I asked them to work with us when we had our family living there and now all of a sudden I have yet one more set of foreclosure papers in my hand and they want to work it out, certainly can't do it now because the other owner is deceased, they waited that long to help, yup that is the reason we asked for help four years ago.  I even tried to short sell the house and had three buyers lined up with exactly what they asked for and they said no...So there you have it...that is what kind of business they do. 

 Their reply:

1. No comment!

 2. Claimed they did not do it.  So did Nixon, I'm just saying!

 There person in charge of such matters I was told was on vacation, I am sure with the nice government bail out money no doubt.  I am a deadbeat, they are heroes...makes you think.

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