Handcrafted Goats Milk Lye Soap

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Handcrafted Goats Milk Lye Soap...


Another fine product of Mahaniam Farm-Golden Dove Gallery…

Cold processed Goats Milk Lye Soap. This Batch is double cream...so it is ultra gentle  to the skin.

This soap was made with love and lots and lots of Fresh Goats milk, we do not add water in the soap making process, so you get a richer, gentle soap.

We use only Kosher vegetable oils in the making of our soap; no animal fat has been used or added.  We use Kosher extra virgin olive oil, which is wonderful for your skin and helps to give it a healthy glow, and other healthy Kosher oils as well as natural raw unfiltered Honey from right here on our farm.  Our bars are molded and our around 3 oz. or as stated. This is OU kosher, not K Kosher.


Remember if you have a question about what’s in our soap, or even what’s not and why just email me at: raziel133@yahoo.com


All our soaps are cured for at least three weeks and last longer if air dried between uses.  It is great if you can let them sit out all the time, hard dry soap lasts longer giving you more value for the dollar.


If you would like to know how to turn this or any soap into a cheap, healthy laundry soap just email me and I will email the recipe back to you for free.


The milk for all our soaps and goats milk products comes from our own milk goats that graze happily in the hills of extreme North Central Arkansas here on our farm Mahaniam.



Like most lye soap it does not lather a great deal, but it does clean a great deal…


All of our soap now comes in a reusable draw-string cotton bags made from US cotton ...    




     Regular Goats Milk Lye Soap



       $4.00 per bar plus shipping.


                                                                                                                               Amount of bars requested






                                                                     Chocolate Goats Milk Lye Soap





             Rich and chocolaty this soap will smell and look wonderful as well as being great for your skin.

                            It is  loaded with antioxidants it is a perfect for skin of any age and it smells great....

                                                                               Cost on these bars is $4.75 or two for $9.00






Orange Sage




                                                                                               Orange Sage, a clean fresh scent, made with our own Sage and fresh Florida orange essential 

                                                                                                                 Cost on these bars is $4.75 each plus shipping or two for $9.00

                                                                                                                       Buy Orange sage goats milk lye soap, by clicking here








                                                    Sweet little pilgrim bears that are sure to put a smile on any ones face.

                                                         The ones in the picture are our natural scent.  We also have these in spiced rum and in honey scent.

                                                      They are available as long as they last for just $9.95 a set, each bar is about 3 oz.

                                                             They come with draw-string unbleached muslin bags we can easily be used for all kinds of other things.





I know it's a bit early for Chanukah soap, but I like to start getting stuff together early and I bet some of you do too. 

I have these Menorah's available in sets of three, we have natural, spearmint, spiced rum with more flavors to be added soon.

                                                                                                          Chanukah Goats milk lye soap


Special orders welcomed

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