How to make seafood seasoning


Barbeque rub

I needed seafood seasoning to make beef ribs, I picked up the jar again $4.89…That is so crazy, so I picked up some bargain brand mixes of herbs.  There is a brand called best choice that has a 5.12 oz bottle of soul food seasoning.  Guess what's in it, salt, garlic powder, paprika, black and red pepper.  Guess what’s in seafood seasoning, yup all those ingredients and celery seeds.  Celery seeds can also be bought under the label of Best Choice, for .97 cents for 1.5 ozs.  So instead of a small bottle of seafood seasoning for $4.89, I got almost double the amount of seasoning for only $1.97 before tax.  In truth seafood seasoning is the same as basic barbeque rub. 

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Updated July 7, 2013