Sour dough starters...who needs yeast any way!

















To make the apple sour you will need:


2 cups of shredded apple (or applesauce)


1/3 cup sugar


1/3 cup water







Combine all the ingredients in a glass or plastic container, covered with cloth for 8-


10 days.


Leave at room temperature.



Do not stir.



When mixture is bubbly and smells


fermented, it should be ready for bread making.



I use this in place of yeast.



Once you have used the portion for the apple Sour for the dough, put the entire jar in the


fridge and keep it there up to 2 months...until you want apple sourdough again.



I promise, it


won't be that long before you want it again though!


24 hours before you want apple sourdough, remove jar from the fridge, add:


1 cup shredded apple, or applesauce


3T water


3T sugar


Stir with non-metal utensil, and cover with cloth. After 24 hours start the dough.






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